News Detail » Ocean Tender Announces New Website for Transportation Procurement

Ocean Tender announces the launch of to offer international import-export companies, freight forwarders and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) updated information and new resources for its leading Transportation Procurement Software.

Ocean Tender is a powerful, Web-based solution for transportation procurement sourcing and lane segment analysis. An easy-to-use tool to determine which combination of carriers and service providers will best meet your complex transportation requirements. Whether you are looking to bid out your entire network or just individual lanes, you can create tender events, receive and analyze replies, make counter offers negotiating in multiple rounds and award the business. All online and fully collaborative with the powerful Ocean Tender Transportation Procurement Solution.

Ocean Tender clients have successfully processed over a quarter million containers with an award value in excess of the $500 Million dollars. Ocean Tender Transportation Procurement Solutions standardizes and supports all phases of a tender from initial creation, request, responses, complex shipper evaluation, countering, and award. “At Freightgate we have continued the work of standardizing, simplifying, and improving the transportation procurement tendering process” said Gary Chisamore, the founder of and Vice President of Business Development. a division of Freightgate Inc., was formed to improve transportation procurement practices and deliver ‘best in class’ solutions. With our stakeholders and partners, we have developed standardized formats and uniform yet flexible processes to address the industry needs. Ocean Tender transportation procurement solutions provide ‘cost effective’ methods for managing carrier responses and awards from the best mix of service, routing, performance and price alternatives.

“The Freightgate Team has been active in improving logistics and procurement processes for 15 years now. We are very pleased that logistics and supply chain professionals are coming to us for solutions and recognizing efforts for all modes of transportation.  It gives us great joy when we generate exponential value for our customers” said Martin Hubert, CEO of Freightgate.

Freightgate Inc. is a provider of hosted, low cost and easy to implement Internet solutions. Our applications improve the management of transportation, freight contracts, rates, routes and schedules. Our tools enable the analysis and selection of rates and services that match the best return on investment, service needs and profitability. Our global visibility tools optimize supply chains through alerts, event management and action items.

About Freightgate
Based in Huntington Beach, California, the Freightgate ( team has been developing Internet solutions for the freight and logistics since 1994, such as its industry-leading PLTX™ Platform, with I-Trek!® Internet Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; GTM-Trek!™ for RFQ and tender management; Tariff-Trek!™ for service contract and quote management; FMC-Trek!™ for fulfilling FMC publishing requirements; Pay-Trek!™ for automated freight bill audit and payment; WISA™ innovative What-If-Scenario Analysis tool; I-Sail!™ interactive online sailing schedule; Compliance-Trek!™ for compliance management with FMC and U.S. Customs. Freightgate's customer portfolio contains companies such as Alliance International, APL Logistics, CaroTrans, Agility, Menlo Worldwide Logistics, Nippon Express, Panalpina, Primary Freight, and Top Ocean. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

For additional information on OceanTender visit us on the web at, email: or phone (714) 799-2833.